Intercam, Part II

Sadly, my contract didn’t make it back from Mexico City on Wednesday.  Facing the prospect of possessing only dollars in San Miguel, I hyper-ventilated for a moment and then reminded myself that I’m not completely without resources.  I agreed to call the charming Nora Friday morning.

When I called yesterday Nora gaily told me that my contract was there.  I was to come up to the mall after 2:00 because it’s a Friday and people are withdrawing for the weekend.  At 2:00 I sat at Nora’s desk while she retreived my contract.  Ooops.  There’s a glitch.  It seems someone at another Intercam (who shall remain nameless) typed the contract with my bank account number on it, but with another expat’s name.  A guy with an English sounding moniker straight out of Dickens.  Hmmmm ….

But I got my card – with the right number.  Step one achieved. (Evidently he has his very own numbered card, but his contract is under my name.)  What to do, what to do?

Monday I go to Intercam in centro to sign a corrected contract.

Oh!  Did I tell you it rained yesterday?  I was in the movie theater checking on times for “Snow White & the Huntsman” when I saw the sheets pour out of the heavens.  Really, young Mexicans must think all Americans are nuts because I immediately stepped into the “Happy Dance.”  “I feel good, dadadadada!”

I hope to perform a smaller version of the Happy Dance after my appointment with Intercam Centro on Monday.

2 thoughts on “Intercam, Part II

  1. Peggy Green says:

    You need a smooth as silk day. This is supposed to be fun and it’s your turn. You worked mighty hard to get there. I truly do hope that all the paper work crap works itself out and that you can slip into the new adventure happily.

  2. jaxinmexico says:

    Oh, I’m not particularly unhappy about Intercam. It’s Mexico. Not so much the “smooth as silk” thing, but more of the “It’ll all work out” thing.

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