An invitation

I was so impressed by yesterday’s video work that I was inspired to take my (crappy)camera with me today.  I headed out around 11:00 to walk down to the Institute de Allende under a cloudy sky. If you have a few moments, walk with me.

On Quebrada, where I live, there’s a bridge over Canal Street.  I love the blues of these flowers tumbling over the walls. There’s nothing extraordinary about this either.  San Miguel de Allende is full of gentle pleasures.

On my way to Ancha San Antonio

When I stand on the bridge, I can look to my left towards La Parroquia.

I can go down a level and walk up Canal to El Jardin if I want to, but today I just look.

Today my left turn is on Umaran, a block with homes and small businesses, including one of my favorite sandwich restaurants, El Torta Mundo. The ‘E’ sign indicates that parking is ahead. Don’t laugh – I didn’t know what it meant for at least a week when I got here.

Taking a right on to Zacateras [which turns into Ancha San Antonio] I get a chance to photograph one of this marvelous artist’s paper statues at his gallery.  [I saw his showing at La Biblioteca a couple of weeks ago.  Outstanding.]

See what I mean about small pleasures around every corner? Of course I’m in the Centro, and this is where the galleries are. I know. I’m lucky.

I’m the worst when it comes to the most important meal of the day. Time for a pit stop on Zacateras.  From what I can tell, this cafe is *very* popular with gringos. I think it’s called ‘El Mesa Grande’ but I’m old now and will remember their name tonight. Or … tomorrow.

Lovely room that’s empty for the shot because I’m here between breakfast and lunch. Don’t worry, they filled up within 10 minutes.

Here’s a random window.  Just any old window in the Centro really, but I could hear the trumpets blow.

[Lord, I wish I could insert a wave file by Joseph Collier, trumpet player with James Brown for 21 years, behind this picture!]

Here’s some detail from a random wall

That’s how it is here.  Some useless piece of beauty that sings with desert colors.

And now, the rather somber but very grand Instituto de Allende

I’ve never entered the building before.  Check this out

See the tables in the far left corner?  It was so peaceful here that I had another cup of coffee.

I am truly saying buenas tardes to everybody now!

With my mission to the Art Institute completed, ever the curious I went into a home furnishing store in the same massive grey building. The store is cavernous and outfitted for the grand hacienda.  But a woman can dream … or at the very least appreciate the artistry that money can buy.

When I win the lottery, this could be my new bed

And I could put this in the foyer leading upstairs

And back home I came.

But, a word.

Nobody knows better than me how fortunate I am.  Despite the fact that I’m living on social security, I can choose to look at beauty, or I can, and do, face abject poverty with clear eyes. Today was a walk through my current hood. Tomorrow everything could change.

So, one more image (from my crappy camera).  It’s the fountain at the entrance to the home furnishings store.  Just another random capture of a moment of tranquility

For which I am heartily thankful.


5 thoughts on “An invitation

  1. darlene says:

    I enjoyed your photos….feel like I am there,seeing the blue Plumbago flowers. I just tapped on the table picture and it enlarged so I could see detail such as cut wine bottle pendant lamps.
    love those and hearing of your gratitude for all that is there to observe…makes one happy to take it in like that. there is much to observe for those who look.Thanks for sharing your walk.

  2. Bill Threadgill says:

    Your “crappy” camera got some pretty good pics. Thanks for sharing.

  3. jaxinmexico says:

    I’m pretty much my own worst critic re photos, Bill. I used to work commercially with a Hasselblad. Now there’s a sharp, defined image!

  4. Cheryl Cavanagh says:

    Great photos! I love the first one the best. Makes me miss it mucho.

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