Get on the bus

sweat on a stickThis pic isn’t Louisville, where the fair ended Sunday, but it’s a good ’nuff stand-in. On reflection, don’t you think it may be several decades old? It’s certainly no longer rare to have a stretch of mid-90s in late August almost anywhere in the U.S., so while the Dog Days of Summer used to be between July through mid-August, because they were tied to the appearance of the Dog Star Sirius, now everything is up for grabs. Today’s dew point in da’ Ville is destined for 62. Yes, just like San Miguel, I carry my parasol and a fan.

Unlike my previous whining self in Louisville though, this time I’m not crumbling under the heat. San Miguel’s sun hardened me.  You wanna feel hot?

Puleeze, people, this is just sultry.


It’s doctor week!

I now have a General Practitioner who promptly scheduled me to see four Specialists in, you guessed it, four widely separate locations. Oh, did I mention that Louisville is a car culture?

I investigated getting financed for a 50cc motor scooter, but my credit score is too low. Sigh. For the moment, as I scheme…

So, the city has a mediocre public transit system but at least the buses are air conditioned. I already have my elderly person’s card so I can ride at .80 cents, rather than the usual $1.75.

tarc busIf you aren’t old, disabled, or a student you have to pay the $1.75 which buys you a transfer good for four hours. If you don’t have exact change you’ll have to put two dollar bills into the machine. The city doesn’t give you your quarter back. I think we should give da’Ville props for robbing the citizenry outright rather than pussy-footing around, eh?

By luck of the draw my first specialist is a Dermatologist on Wednesday. I expect to be cauterized, frozen and/or perhaps sliced at some point,so I plan to take a valium an hour prior to the visit. The best thing is that I’ll be able to understand the doctor.

Friday it’s a Urologist.


But how boring, eh? Perhaps more exciting is the fact that I now have a social services caseworker. Although I worked with a lot of clients who had caseworkers, I’ve never had one of my own and I’m curious to see the system from a personal perspective. After my induction interview by a tired, pleasant and overwhelmed woman at Kentucky’s Center for Family & Children, I’ve learned that I qualify for $16.00 a month in food stamps. THAT my friends is what growing old enough and broke enough will getcha if you play your cards right, and I must say it’s a welcome addition to the budget.

You may think this is small potatoes, but ta da!

Medicare Part B

I also qualify to get that $104.90 Medicare Part B premium paid by the feds. My social security is just * * much under the cut-off point of $1257. Whee! That’s $120.90 additional income which I think we can all agree won’t cover the cost of a Medigap policy, but could potentially chew it on the chin.

Today I have to catch the bus to the library so I can print off the proof that I have no hidden assets in the Caymans.

I AM the 99%!

bus stop











Back in da’ Ville



My first impression upon being back in Loo’vulle is how green it is. Of course, I’m staying with Peggy, who lives in a nice part of the city called the Highlands.

Lou house

This puts me back in the land of lawns, spreading oaks, flower gardens, and – flat sidewalks! [Readers in San Miguel will appreciate my happiness at being able to walk and look at the sky.] Peggy and I can walk to Cherokee Park, designed by Frederick Olmsted of New York city Central Park fame, with Asher the miniature schnauzer and the love of his life, Foosie, a black cocker spaniel, if we choose.

Cherokee ParkMr. Olmsted designed a necklace of parks for Louisville back in the day. Because Cherokee Park is in the Highlands, so named because it is on high ground and less likely to flood, Cherokee is the park best maintained and probably most used.  It is a sprawling, winding wondrous place.

May I introduce Asher,

Ascher 001


And his lady love, Foosie:

In her Christmas Snow Princess outfit

In her Christmas Snow Princess outfit

The back story:

When I moved to San Miguel 14.5 months ago I left Asher, my male mini-schnauzer, with Peggy and Foosie – from whom he shall never be parted.

Asher began his life as an AKC stud dog.  He has 106 progeny.  That, and his winning personality, are probably all you need to know. Foosie, who is also an AKC cocker, is Peggy’s rescue girl. Asher and Foosie became an old married couple as soon as they met.  It’s really sweet.

And sweet to be with them again.

Flying.  I remember when it used to be fun. This is my third day back in the U.S.A. and I still ache from lugging suitcases around airports.  I miss the Sky Caps!




Good night, San Miguel de Allende

Photo by Tracy Gallagher

Photo by Tracy Gallagher

It’s less than a week before I’ll lift off from Mexico and, within 12 hours [no creeks rising and all of that], be back in Loo’vulle, Kentucky, USA.

Louisville skyline.  Affectionately known as "da Ville."

Louisville sky line. Affectionately known as “da Ville.”

Right now I’m staying with friends Bill & Jane in SMA’s Guadiana neighborhood who, I’m sure, won’t be broken hearted when I go. [Three days for fish and guests, as we say.] Still, for these few days it feels like I’m traveling again, which means it feels like a tiny vacation, which means it feels great!  Thank you Bill & Jane.  You’re welcome to lay your heads in whatever small hovel I can afford in the U.S.

Why Loo’vulle? you might wonder.

There IS the Kentucky Derby.

But the primary reason is that’s where my healthcare paperwork is set up. You see, each state has different Medicare managed plans and you can only change during a window of time starting October 1st  … and all that rot.

It will just be simpler to see physicians, of which da Ville, being a regional health-snare, oops -care powerhouse has plenty.

The GINORMOUS plus is that I have three truly good friends there who make me laugh and spit wine out of my nose whenever I see them. I’m sure I’ll have need for that sort of thing as I attempt to live in a car-culture American city with a crap public transportation system.

If there is some way I can swing it, I dream of, ta da!

LOVE this color!

LOVE this color!

Only, because I’m 67, I think I’d like fatter wheels, a windshield, and a rack on the back for groceries.  That should be another $500.  Of course a car would be more convenient, but I’d actually have to get a job to afford a car and you know how I feel about that.

With a scooter there will be challenges …..

Ah, no. Probably not a good idea to scoot today ...

Ah, no. Probably not a good idea to scoot today … taxi!

but, I am Woman.  Hear me roar.

Between you and me, getting a scooter is probably going to mean getting financed which, if someone is stupid enough to do it with my credit score, means descending back into the Credit Maw. Something I’ve avoided for five long and satisfying years.

Well, that would be the future, and right now there’s good news.  The beautiful Mia, my Manchurian Princessa, is being fostered with her and my friend, Mary, who will be extremely picky about a permanent home.

Mia loooves Mary and actually doesn't look terribly upset that she doesn't have me any longer. Gee, you raise 'em and then they fly away.

Mia LOVES Mary and actually doesn’t look terribly upset that she doesn’t have me any more. Gee, you raise ’em and then they fly away, huh?

And, tomorrow I’m having a Bon Voyage party with 10 friends at “Hecho en Mexico” which has a very nice courtyard where I’m sure we’ll all be using hand fans if it’s as hot as it was today.  Hot but dry, I hasten to add.

…. Ya know, there really is no way to describe the deliciously cool mornings in San Miguel, the difference between being in the blazing sun or under a big tree in the afternoon, or the slow return to mountain night air after twilight. Without a doubt San Miguel de Allende has one of the finest climates on the face of the earth.  I hope I get to return for a visit!