When you’re a gonner for a dog

Some of you have seen pictures of my darling Asher, soon to be 9 years old.

Kosmic Asher, son of mom, Spirit of Shakespeare, and Dad, Starlite's Bit'A Sweet Hershey

Kosmic Asher, son of mother, ‘Spirit of Shakespeare’, and father, ‘Starlite’s Bit’A Sweet Hershey.’ 

I’m ecstatic to be reunited with Asher here in da ‘ville, though he doesn’t live with me at my new apartment.

Here is the reason why.


Miss Foosie Mae Belle from the holler.

You see, Asher is quite the ladies’ man and Foosie, well she fell in love the moment she saw him. They are literally inseparable.

This is their Easter picture. Asher has his normal "I hate costumes face on," but Foosie was made to model.

This is their Easter picture. Asher has his normal “I hate costumes.” face on,” but Foosie, well, she was born to model.

I adopted Asher four years ago, right around this time of year. He was five. His breeders, Madge and Don Cogswell, were putting him into retirement because he’d sired 106 puppies with 13 different lady mini-schnauzers. While I was visiting them to see puppies, they asked me to consider Asher.

He hopped up on the couch and looked deeply into my eyes. Boy, was I was a gonner! Later I learned that Asher hops on the couch and stares everyone deeply in the eyes. He’s just that sensitive of a boy – after he jumps up on your knees and leaves scratch marks out of the sheer excitement of meeting you when you come in the door. <grin>

My friend Peggy, with whom I was sharing a flat, rescued Foosie from an animal shelter about six weeks after Asher came home. She saw Foosie’s picture on “PetFinders”.

Yup. She was a gonner.

Within 24 hours the two dogs were an old married couple.

Cue “Belle Notte.”


So when I went to San Miguel de Allende for my adventure/experiment,

Aztec dancer from Tales of Mexico

I was fine with leaving Asher in Foosie and Peggy’s care.

But now I’m back. After staying with Pegs, Foosie, and Ash for seven months I miss Asher (and Foosie) wildly every day!

I just can’t take him from him away from his girl.

This is their christmas picture. Notice Asher has his "I'm a guy and I DON'T like this stuff" face on while Foosie is all mellow about it.

This is their christmas picture. Notice Asher has his “I’m a guy and I DON’T like this stuff” face on while Foosie is all mellow about it.

Which brings me to fostering!

I’m allowed to have one small-breed dog. I do believe that when I get settled I’ll find me a terrorist, um terrier, to care for while we find her/his forever home.

Which brings me to the dogs I fostered in Mexico.

Coyo was  first.

This isn't Coyo's picture because I can't find the damn thing, but it's a Coyo look alike!

This isn’t Coyo’s picture because I can’t find the damn thing, but it’s almost a Coyo double and I’ll look for his later.

Julie and I found Coyo dodging traffic on a rainy night in San Miguel’s busy jardin.

san miguel traffic el jardinHearts in our throat, we watched him cross the street four times, so tiny and grey it was improbable a driver would see him, and so skittery that he ran away when I clucked for him to come. We almost gave up but I pulled out my coo-voice-darling-child-don’t-run-away and he stopped. I slithered across the street talking softly non-stop and he actually came towards me – and I scooped him up!

Julie was my landlady.  I lived in a small apartment in a compound with her large house, another big house, another apartment upstairs from mine, and an adorable cottage with a teeny fenced-in front yard that I envied immediately. (Fenced in front yard = dog.) Julie already had two dogs: Cappucinno, a 9 lb. male Maltese mix, and Esmeralda, a nine year old shepherd mix with large soulful eyes. My 6-month lease didn’t include a pet, but Julie was as taken with our rain-soaked rescue as I was so she said, “Why don’t you keep him for a few days and we’ll try to find him a home.” Into my house came Coyo.

And promptly chewed the fringe off of Julie’s rug, peed on the floor, and jumped wildly into my arms to lick me when I told him he was a bad boy.

A ha …..

To make a long story shorter, ten days later Julie, who came to see Coyo everyday and oooh and ah over how adorable he was, adopted Coyo. “Be sure,” I said to her, “he’s a little bit of a devil. He’s going to knock Cappucinno off of his perch as top dog, and annoy Esmeralda because all he wants to do is play when he’s not chewing pillows.” And so he did. But Julie was a gonner.

Like this guy.

 You know, like this guy.

I volunteered with a rescue group in San Miguel named “Amigos de Animales.” These intrepid souls (mostly women) pulled dogs out of the pound who had five days to live.

Enter “Bobby”:

thief of hearts


Who was owner-surrendered to the pound by a woman who requested that he be put down because he peed in her kitchen.

An Amigos volunteer asked me if I could foster him while they searched for his home. I said I’d have to ask Julie first and at 4:00 another couple took him away from our adoption table in the jardin to see if things would work out -with my phone number as the back-up call. I went home and briefed Julie. I don’t think she was happy about the request, but she didn’t say no.

At 11:00 the next morning I got the call. “Bobby” was humping the couple’s female and would-not-relent. So, I walked to the couple’s home, put “Bobby” on a leash and began a relationship with one of the sweetest, goofiest dogs I’ve ever known. God! How I loved that dog!

I had “Bobby” for about three months. As you can see, he’s a looker. He’s the kind of dog who gets adopted, despite the fact that I was a gonner. I don’t remember how Kelly Karger with Save A Mexican Mutt got involved, but happily she did. Save A Mexican Mutt has a rigorous adoption procedure, and transports dogs from San Miguel to the U.S. and Canada. Kelly put “Bobby” on “PetFinders”. Bobby found his happy home.

"Bobby", now renamed Lincoln, with his mom Bella in Austin, Texas.

“Bobby”, now renamed Lincoln, with his mom Bella in Austin, Texas.

Bella emailed me recently to send pix of Lincoln. The woman is besotted and her picture comments are priceless so I’ve typed them verbatim. Here we go:

"Lincoln has been exploring his spirituality."

“Lincoln has been exploring his spirituality.”


"Here he is being adored by one of his minions. It is generally agreed around here that Lincoln is homosexula."

“Here he is being adored by one of his minions. It is generally agreed around here that Lincoln is homosexual.”

"My Valentine"

“My Valentine”

"Lincoln is now exploring other cultures."

“Lincoln is now exploring other cultures.”

And one more,

"This costume was inspired by 'Game of Thrones'."

“This costume was inspired by ‘Game of Thrones’.”Y

Oh my god, ya think Bella is a gonner?


I had only said good-bye to “Bobby”/Lincoln for a little less than a week when an Amigos volunteer asked me if I could foster another dog.

Enter Mia.


What a gorgeous redhead! Half-wild, and scared out of her wits in San Miguel’s streets, the pound picked Mia up pregnant. She was allowed to deliver her puppies – who were all adopted – but Mia was left behind. I remain convinced that the reason Mia wasn’t taken, and the reason that I loved her for nine long months, was because she was half-Chow. People are afraid of that black tongue.

It was a slow burn for me and Mia. Over a few weeks, as she gained her confidence, I began to see an astounding need in her for a person to call her own. Eventually her devotion made me burst into tears.

And I was a gonner.

Prospective adopters came to meet Mia. She was always skittish, but in a playful way. Some would bring their dogs. Good lord that girl loves to play! But months went by.

I wrote about Mia on this blog. When I knew I’d be returning to the states I called Save A Mexican Mutt. For her own reasons, Kelly didn’t want to take Mia on. So I played the “Bobby”/Lincoln card.

Hadn’t I been a great foster mom for Save A Mexican Mutt? I had to return to the states in two months. There was no one for Mia. Couldn’t she help me this one time? She did. She put Mia on “PetFinders”. 

And nothing happened.

Meanwhile, Lynn in Calgary, Canada was reading about Mia on my blog. One day she remarked again on what a beautiful dog Mia is and how my descriptions of her broke her heart. She simply could not understand why no one would adopt her.

And then I asked, “What about you?”

Mia at home with Lynn in Calgary. Her toys are Tubby and Hedgehog.

Mia at home with Lynn in Calgary. Her toys are Tubby and Hedgehog.

Lynn took a tremendous leap of faith. Mary fostered Mia when I had to leave, while Lynn made the arrangements to transport Mia to Calgary. Mia reminded Mary of a chow she’d grown up with, so there was a love affair going on there too. After I left Mary told Lynn about Mia’s affectionate nature, her habits, her diet, all the one hundred and one things a person who’s going to adopt a dog they’ve never met want to know. Save a Mexican Mutt got involved with Mia’s transport. Over weeks it came together, with me listening in via e-mail.

Not for one instant did I have a single doubt that Lynn would love Mia.She was everything I said she was. And something more that I couldn’t even put into words.

Lynn stays in touch.  We talk about how Mia’s confidence has grown. How she loves the snow. How they have a nature preserve behind their house. Mia walks proudly on a leash  now. Lynn sends me .waves of Mia walking. Complete computer idiot that I am, I don’t know how to insert them so you can see how transformed Mia is by having her person. I’ll show you a still:

movie mia 2

Tail is up, up, UP!

I wish I could include those .waves. Calgary got a freak snow storm about 10 days ago. You can hear Lynn calling Mia to come in the house. Mia continues romping in the snow.  It must feel so good to her with that thick ruff and heavy fur. In that little movie she’s happy and mischievous and home.


I saw an acquaintance for the first time since I returned from San Miguel the other day. “So,” he asked, “how was Mexico?” I talked about Coyo and Lincoln and Mia. I certainly didn’t save them on my own. I worked with wonderful people who pulled together to find their home.

The only thing I did was love them when I had them.

“Truthfully,” I said, “it’s the finest thing I did in my 14 months in Mexico.”


Once I get settled in my new place I’ll be able to see Asher more often.




















Feliz Ano Nuevo!

May yours be healthy, happy and wise!

If I could give my readers one gift with which to start the new year it would be this book:

love letterDuring the last few months this work single-handedly shifted my philosophical perspective from a long-held atheism to full blown animism ala The Dancing Wu-li Masters. I now whole-heartedly worship the ground I walk on!

And all the critters who walk it with me.  Let’s start 2013’s countdown:

During the fall my San Miguel de Allende foster girl Mia went to her forever home in Calgary, Canada. Here she is with Mom Lynn in her festive new home:

mia christmas 2013While I was in San Miguel my black miniture-schnauzer Asher stayed in Louisville with my friend Peggy and his one-true-love Foosie Mae Belle from the holler. We are all together again.

Here’s Peggy with Foosie looking beautiful in her sparkly pink and Asher looking miffed in his Santa hat.


In the “Who Knew?” department, I’ve been turning in to a baker and a cook. As readers know, I’m in Wait Mode for my low-income senior apartment, it’s cold, and without a car (lower carbon footprint!) I have few places to go.  Thus that old thudding feeling of eating too much processed food [isn’t it all!] grew louder and suddently I’m baking quiche, meatloaf, apple cider beef stew and making cookies, pies, and fruit loaves. Today I’ll start on a pear-cranberry crostada –

Oh, yum!

Oh, yum!


Louisville Pride

Peggy’s 20 y.o. niece Elizabeth is writing for a local web site and getting paid for it. Liz, who grew up here, wrote a good piece on some of Louisville’s charms.  As I read it I realized that I’m living in an incredible little city which is to Kentucky, culturally speaking, what San Franciso is to California, or Miami is to Florida – diverse, artistically alive, foodie-ville, and celebratory with the fabulous Kentucky Derby.


People are friendly. The park system spreads out before us. There’s a roaring local music scene.

Yes, the Ville has the same ills as other U.S. cities its size: a lackluster public transportation system, strip-mall-itis in the burbs, a disappearing tree canopy, and unsafe neighborhoods, but there’s nothing to single it out as being boring, intellectually retrograde, or rigidly conservative.  It’s a surprising place and, while it may not be my end-game (who can ever tell?), I’m proud to be a booster while I’m here.

Y’all come down, now.


During Wait Mode I’ve mentally redecorated my upcoming 526 sqf apartment in several color schemes. Initially I promised myself I’d go with a pared down, simple Zen environment. Upon returning and looking at the few pieces of furniture I have to move it was obvious that wouldn’t work. The stuff is all consignment and it has scrolling legs and sleighbed looks. Hmmmm.

I’ve decided to let my inner glam loose.

Small interiors cry out for reflective surfaces.  Mirrors work to enlarge a space but I’ll be painting my black 4-drawer dresser SILVER. Here’s a photo from a blog titled “My Champagne Tastes Beer Budget” and she actually used faux silver leaf.


Martha Stewart [yes, that madwoman!] has a line of paints titled Precious Metals. I’m going to go for a more dialed-back look ala this example from a blog titled Petticoat Junction.

mixed-metallic-pic-monkey_thumbHa ha! And I just treated myself to 2 years of DIY Magazine. Whee ha!


Cooking, mentally painting furniture, playing with the dogs.  Nothing earth-shattering here as I fold myself back into an American city after nearly a year and a half in Mexico. My fall health visits put me as healthy as a 67 year old woman who still smokes could be, give or take the cartilage that’s failing in my knees, the fact that I need new glasses again, or that my hair grows alarmingly thin. Like most people my age who tell the truth I am a failing wreck, trust my self-wisdom very little, and muddle through old age a little bit dotty and many times surprisingly happy. I don’t expect this will change, even in a “new” year.


Now if you’re determined to have new revelations in the year to come, then –

happy new year 2014

All Hallows Eve

As we crest into Halloween and my friends in San Miguel gear up for Day of the Dead, I’m pet sitting today with Peggy and my dogs, Foosie and Asher, and Sophie, a black lab or lives with our friend Joanie.

Sophie, Asher & Foosie

Sophie, Asher & Foosie

My kinda rainy day!

While on the subject of dogs, let’s honor Mia, my Mexican sweetheart, who is soon traveling to Calgary to her forever home where, I believe, she will LOVE new mom Lynn and the cold climate!

Mia at Mary's house. Picture by Mary. I miss this goofy girl!

Mia at Mary’s house. Picture by Mary. I miss this goofy girl!

Then there’s Bobby/Lincoln, who now lives in Austin with Bella, the love of his life.  An unforgettable pooch!


And who can forget Cuyo, now all grown up, twice as big, and in the arms of his forever Mom & Dad, Julie and Cliff?


Yes, you do see the devil in those eyes

Between us all – Julie, Mary, Jill, Kelly, Gabrielle, Bella, and Lynn – we’ve done well by my Mexican darlings. Hugs, kisses, pats on backs ladies!

Now one more view of my one true love, Asher of Treetop Kennels. Asher is father to 106 progeny during his working life.  He came to me when he retired at 5 and is now chewing 8.5 on the chin.  And it’s not just me. Everybody loves Asher.




If it’s late October then it’s time to get ready for winter here in da’ Ville. Since I’m on the wait list for Richmond Drive, I’m sprucing up some of the items I have here at Peggy’s.  For a black metal oh-so-boring floor & reading lamp, that means gold spray paint.


Much better, don’t you agree?

This table is next.

Soon, just as golden!

Soon, just as golden!

I told you how desirable our neighborhood is, and that means people tend to decorate outside too.  Since we have slum lords and live in the most embarrassing building on the street our only solace is that it’s Halloween. Perfectly unkempt and shabby, we look like the block’s haunted house – for free.

Currently living on the second floor

Currently living on the second floor

Lest you think I’m not being as bourgeois in my current incarnation as possible, here’s a house two-doors down that gives tribute to the Highlands’ neighborhood.


Don’t you love gardens in the front of homes? I think of them as public art, or a gift the homeowners have given both themselves and passers by. Usually I transform wherever I live with a garden. But. I won’t be here long enough to put out that kind of effort.

Which brings me to vertical gardens:

vertical vegetable garden

I’ve come to think that vertical vegetable gardens are part of the solution to healthy living in cities, so I’m looking for a green group in Louisville with whom I can volunteer. I’m gifted as a public presenter and would love to travel around the city with a how-to slide show and/or raise some money. Talk about food security … wheeehaaa!


If it doesn’t rain like hell tomorrow night Peggy, Joanie and I will make ourselves up as a Katrina and venture out in the city.

We'll look something like this - only MUCH older.

We’ll look something like this – only MUCH older.



BTW, the state of Kentucky is now picking up my Medicare Part B premium ($104.00 monthly) and providing “Extra Help” with medications. Yippie Kay Yay.

So, while Fukushima sizzles, the US economy goes further south, and Winter bears down on us, I wait for my new (to me) place and take it at the usual one-day-at-a-time.

Boo redux!

Mia has a puppy!

Well, he’s not really our puppy.  We’re taking care of him until December 5 when his foster mom Maureen returns from vacation.

Panda is his name and puppy is his game.  He’s 8 months old, maybe 25 lbs., and in that gangly teenage stage where he trips over his own paws trying to get Mia’s cookie.  This I warn him sternly is not a good game plan.  She may be tolerant with the puppy play, but she will not brook f#^&ng with her food.

Mom … tell him he can’t have my toys either!

I’ve had to put the toys on top of the refrigerator.

Still, Mia lets him nip, bite, chase, paw, and wrestle with her and seems to enjoy it.

She does not let gender roles get in the way, and gives as good as she gets.

[Yes, their absolute favorite place to play is on my bed.]

Your bed? Nah ah. Our ring. Wanna play too?

Maureen rescued Panda from a bad situation 3 months ago.  She can’t keep him and it’s a damn shame that someone doesn’t adopt him *right this minute* because he’s prime material.  He’s so eager to please, and so wants affection, that he learns almost immediately.  I say almost because he will chew a shoe, but whaddya want from a puppy?

Me? Chew on your embroidered pillows? I thought they were stuffed toys.

And, he’s such an elegant little guy.  Maybe, with the spots, there’s some Dalmatian in that lineage, but I keep thinking Whippet (or some such) for his long legs and slender frame. Whatever it is, he’s got natural kohl around his eyes and the most stunning snow-white eyelashes.  It isn’t fair!

I’m quite proud of Mia’s ‘mommy’ ‘tude.  Let’s face it, puppies can be annoying, especially when they worm between you and your Mom when she comes home and you’re the one who is ecstatic to see her because you were here first

He just a puppy, but he CANNOT have my toys.

I know Mi, but then again, as long as he’s here, neither can you.

Ah, the dog follies. Ya gotta love ’em.

Alright, you two, let’s take that outside!


P.S.  You probably can’t tell, but Mia has stopped shedding and her new coat is the most glorious, glossy, velvety fur you’ll ever run your hands through.  She’s like hugging your very own Velveteen Rabbit now.  Most delicious.

Lincoln: A Day in the Life

Bella sent these photos this morning.  Straight out of San Miguel de Allende, our boy (Bobby)Lincoln gets set for another glorious day!

The morning roll over. Hello world!

Gonna be a s~l~o~w wake up. Notice that I am not waking up in my super-duper special dog bed …


Brand new day and time to play. Game on with my bud Tucker. Sure he looks big, but I’ve got moves.

Like my “Karate Kid” chops!

This is Hank, another formidable foe. Specialties include ankle nipping and fast turns. He’s giving me pointers

And at last, proving my foster mom’s point, at the end of the day

A good dog is a tired dog.

I am tickled that our boy (Bobby)/Lincoln has a forever mom now! Bella loves, loves, LOVES this boy, so we’ve made a match made in heaven.

Now I want the darling Mia to find her special person.

I am beautiful and sweeter than Tuppelo Honey





Coyo and Mia’s play date ends badly

Julie and Clint are leaving for a two week vacation Wednesday.  The thought was that rather than boarding the playful and rambunctious Coyo, he could stay with me and Mia.

The initial 90 minutes of rough house play was great.  Then Mia got tired. Her first  message to Coyo was a bloody lip.  Nothing requiring a vet, but I was shocked to see a dog I will always adore standing there confused and dazed with blood in his mouth.  Fortunately they both think I’m the Alpha.  I gave them a time out.

An hour later they went into play position again.  It seemed that bygones would be bygones.  But when Mia had enough her second correction was *much* more pointed.  She didn’t draw blood, but the potential was more than I could bear.  This time Coyo sought my protection which, while not punishing Mia, I willingly gave.

None of us wanted to see Mia’s third stab at convincing this now annoying little dog that she was done. I called Julie.  Sadly Coyo will have to spend his family’s vacation time in a crate at his vets. Mia, who so longs to play, will no longer have her “toy”, which is exactly how she treated him until she got tired.

I blame myself for this.  In retrospect, I think Mia needs more time to recover from her surgery.  It was a mistake to bring a high-energy guy like Coyo in so soon.

Sometimes I make terrible decisions.







Found on the street in Mexico City, Hamlet is currently recovering from neutering and the removal of an abscessed tooth under the care of Jennifer, his foster mom in the Big City. San Miguel de Allende’s Save a Mexican Mutt plans to take him under their wing, transport him to San Miguel, and potentially to my house for fostering until he’s found his forever home. My hope is that he and Mia will bond instantly!

I think he is muy gaupo. I wait for him.

Tomorrow is our third try to have Mia spayed at Ecologia.  We’ve had … wrinkles.  But Mia delivered her puppies at the pound – all of whom were adopted out by Amigos de Animales – so, no more pregnancies for her.

Yes, she’s managed to keep her girlish figure.

Major shout-out here to Kelly Karger and Save a Mexican Mutthttps://www.facebook.com/saveamexicanmutt

Kelly has been at this for close to a decade.  You and I can’t imagine the compassion, or the fatigue that must be endured, trying to rescue the forgotten.

REMEMBER, both Mia and Hamlet are looking for forever homes, either here in Mexico or, because they can be transported, in the United States.  Please spread the word about these two darlings to your friends and families. 

Thank you!

P.S. “Waiting for Hamlet.”  It has a ring, doesn’t it.


She’s a quiet beauty.  Nothing showy here, just a dog with strawberry blond hair, a black tounge testifying to chow-chow in her background, and soulful eyes.  She’s a Mexicana street girl and she came up the hard way.

At times she seems more wolf than dog.  Cautious, easily spooked, a little unsure when a stranger’s hand reaches through her gate to pet her, though it’s better if the stranger is a woman ….

But oh, such a gentle girl. Especially with children.

And maybe a little worried … until she loves you.  Then she’s safe. She can snuggle and kiss, and play with a toy!


She can bark at the cats and play fierce with other dogs!

She can be stoic and wear a little Mexican sombrero for you …

because she has the patience of a saint.

She is a being so grateful for affection that she can make you cry.

After a week I see her loyalty to me grow by the minute.  No harm will come my way. Mia stands watch for me.

I whisper to her, “Mia.  My beautiful Mia ….”  Her tail goes around like a helicopter.  She smiles with her eyes.  Sometimes when I’m sitting she’ll put her paws on my knees and lean in to kiss, or lay her head against me.  Other times when she’s lying on the floor at my feet she’ll roll over belly up for a rub.  And then it’s back to being quietly content to be near me.

Mia, my beautiful Mia.  Come, Mia.

Now you have a place in a heart.


The earth gives up another wonder

With the current news of Homo sapiens behaving badly around the globe, it’s a pleasure to gaze upon a primate who has, up until three years ago, remained unknown to biologists

Now designated as Cercopithecus Lomamiensis, and known locally as the Lesula, these kids have been living deep inside the Democratic Republic of Congo’s immense rain forests in areas not yet threatened by mining or logging.

This is my news from San Miguel de Allende for you this morning, because the Internet is now blessed with PLos, an open forum for science, and truly is revealing a smaller world. http://www.plos.org/

In this face is the “peace that surpasses all understanding” and, talk about a Roman nose!

PS – primates are composed of apes and monkeys. Monkeys have tails.  Apes do not. We are apes. The Lesula is a monkey